Access your data from everywhere

  • Cloud-based EMR platform
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Use of the plugins that you need
  • Large scale organizations
  • Access your office from everywhere
  • No Hardware or software prerequisites to purchase
  • Collaboration with other doctors
  • Reduce overhead
  • Unlimited growth


CMS for every device

  • Flexible and Light-weight CMS
  • Developer friendly - Plugin mechanism
  • Easy Design - Responsive Design
  • Easy intergration with your enterprise ecosystem- Mobile web sites
  • Easy centralized management of multilingual content

Arrow CMS is light-weight, flexible and developer-friendly MVC 4 CMS that helps you achieve common chalenges of deploying a web CMS to manage your customer's on line presence


Patient Portal

Access patient record from everywhere

  • 3-level security
  • Get patient data on demand
  • Manage your clinic's Patient Portal from your office
  • Schedule appointment from your device
  • Scheduled examination's alerts through Email and SMS
  • Request hard-copies of certain examinations
  • Request membership
  • Patient Loyalty Card

InfoCape Patient Portal is a system that allows the patient, to interact with the clinic and  to access their medical records from everywhere, after confirmation process. The modular architecture of the  Infocape Patient portal, allowes you to work with every 3d system and medical speciality


Avoid patient duplicate entries.

  • Dicom compliant
  • Set Custom Rules
  • Worklist & MPPS
  • Easy connection with all RIS Systems

InfoCape WorkList Solution is addressed in medical clinics with medical instruments that communicate each other with Dicom protocol (such as radiology clinics)

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